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How do you pronounce Alas?
As Gopher says, "It depends on how depressed you are at the time." Stress the first syllable, and it sounds like "Alice." Stress the second syllable, and it sounds like the first part of "alas, alack." The ambiguity is intended.
Why are some of the strips in that really weird vertical format?
When I first started drawing Alas, I used a vertical 1x4 format similar to that used by Japanese comic strips; partly because they inspired me, and partly because I had little idea what I was doing. I eventually switched to the 2x2 format you see now because it fits neatly on most screens. I reformatted some of the earlier strips to match the current style. The odd ones you run across are strips I haven't found time to fix yet.
Does KMFD-FM exist? What is its frequency?
According to the FCC's database, no station in the US bears the call letters KMFD. I specifically chose those call letters, a play on the name of a certain German band, because I didn't want get entangled with any real broadcasters who might not appreciate their inclusion in Alas.
What the heck is Dig saying on [mm/dd/yy]?
Dig communicates by quoting lyrics from various Siouxsie albums. An annotated and attributed translation of his speeches are planned for the far future. In the meantime, I recommend just listening to the Banshees a lot. You'll figure it out.
Why haven't you updated in XX days? Where ARE you?
My spouse is a diplomat, which means we travel a lot. If I haven't updated in a few days or weeks, it's probably because we're

A) On the road and don't have internet access,
B) Between countries, and my computer is in a box, or
C) At a new post and waiting for the computer to arrive.

Whatever the reason, I promise you Alas is on her way back.
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