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Crap I Drew on My Lunch Break
Jin Wicked draws a semi-autobiographical comic with lots of excellent cross-hatching, sub-cultural references, and the odd socio-political commentary. UPDATE: Ms. Wicked seems to have gone on a little hiatus for the time being. We can only wait, and hope.
Eversummer Eve
Denise Jones is a professional illustrator and brilliant manga artist. Look upon her work with envy.
Geebas on Parade
Just discovered this strip. I haven't read the complete archives yet, but it appears to be about LARPing, and it's got gamer girls running around with swords-- something with which Alas can definitely agree. More precise commentary coming later.
Gunnerkrigg Court
Antimony Carver attends a private school where doors appear and disappear, teachers secretly jail monsters, and students sometimes cast more than the usual number of shadows. Coinicidentally, I think Antimony is about the same age Starla Rae from Growing Up Goth would have been had that strip continued.
Nothing Nice to Say
Mitch Clem's punkcentric view of the world... 80 punk references per frame!
Serenity Rose
I recently discovered the third issue of this odd little gem published by Slave Lavor Graphics, and it turns out that all of issues #1 and #2 are available on the artist's site. Visually pleasing, narratively meandering.
Space Goth
A (what else?) black-and-white strip by B. Zedan, "Space Goth" follows the adventures of Soli, a human goth-girl who attends high school on a space station. I find the inversion most attractive-- for once, it's the non-goths who are alien mutants.

With The Right Attitude

Chateau Bizarre
A great goth resource site primarily devoted to fashion, but they also wrote a really flattering review for Alas. The "Freaktest" is worth a peek.
Clashingblack Blogspot
Yet another blog space I carved out because I could. Really, I should just turn it into a mirror site.
Clashingblack Livejournal
My friends are scattered all over the blog sites, which means I have to be as well if I want to razz them with comments.
Clashingblack Vox
This is my sort-of blog on one of those DIY blog sites. Random musings, especially about game design and Fraggles.
A good place to start looking for just about anything.
Goth Mafia
Alas' first home, in a way. It doesn't update much anymore (ahem, Madness?), but the original radio script that started everything can be found here, as well as forbidden Lego people.
Alas' home domain for the first 140+ episodes of her existence is the stomping ground of the irascible Gopher, whose skills made this site possible. "We do our best to please him, and stay on his good side."


16 Horsepower
They've broken up now into two bands (Woven Hand and Lilium), but 16HP's moody, spirit-laden brand of backwoods brooding is still available.
The one, the only, the original skinny English boys in black. Of course, now they're middle-aged Brits in snazzier threads, and have moved on to other projects, but take comfort in knowing that Peter Murphy, David J, and Daniel Ash are still out there, somewhere. "
An ever-progressive band with a nice, dark side. Alison Shaw has one of the more unique voices you'll ever hear... maybe an acquired taste. The link above is for the official site; Starblood.org, a fan site, also has a lot to offer.
One of my favorite bands ever, and certainly the best rock in Turkey today. As with most of my favorite singers, Kaan Tangoze's voice could be considered an "acquired taste," but its brooding and strained tones suit me just right. The above link is for the official site (which is in Turkish). This link here will take you to a US-based retailer which has free .mp3 samples of the good stuff.
Kurban is the Turkish word for a sacrificial ram, and I will happily promote them as one of my favorite hard rock/metal bands of all time. Their guitars can crunch and sing. What, you don't speak Turkish? Well, just remember that air guitar thing you do with your hands and hum along with the boys.
Siouxsie and the Banshees
The band that got me through my toughest years. You can find lyrics, discographies, and more at this comprehensive site. Enthusiasts will also want to check out The Creatures, Siuoxsie and Budgie's continuing project, and Steven Severin's homepage, which contains a wealth of lyrics, art, and new music. Mr. Severin himself told me to put this link up, so you better click on it.
Tapping the Vein
Heather Thompson switches from throaty whispers to accusatory yelling with remarkable ease, and Eric Fisher puts down some well-textured atmospherics. A staple band.
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